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[BABYMAX]9068 Walker shoes velcro

  • [ ] BABYMAX Walker 鞋 velcro 9068 冊


    Walker shoes velcro 9068

    The mouse face embroidery and dot fabric coloring were both cute and cute at the same time!

    At the entrance of the shoe is lovely handmade stitch and embroidery of heart embroidery.

    There is a hidden point in the outsole when you take your foot off.

    There is no irritation due to the precise lining treatment up to the fingernail,

    and it is easy with the fingertip.

    Size: 120mm, 130mm

    Material: Lining - cotton
                                     Outer material - Polyester





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    [ BABYMAX ] [ BABYMAX : 9068 渥克鞋魔鬼沾

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